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Nursery classes (or the Aquatot program) is one of the most rewarding experiences a parent and child can share. Aquatic experiences begin before a child is born, and we believe a child’s development in dealing with these experiences should continue from birth. Pool-based lessons commence when your child reaches 6 months, but for younger children we can offer a huge range of key skills to practice at home ensuring the aquatic transition is seamless for both child and parent.


You and your child will experience an aquatic program full of fun and parental bonding, whilst tackling underlying skill development and water confidence.


Classes are 30 mins long and consist of up to 8 students and are available Monday to Sunday mornings.


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We are committed to;

Saving lives today and inspiring the champions of tomorrow


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Menai Swim Academy’s methodology has been developed over generations of competitive swimming and worldwide teaching experience. We understand the importance of quality instructors throughout the early stages of swim tuition and we have developed a progressive program for children 3 years and over.


The program is guaranteed to be educational and fun whilst developing aquatic confidence and stroke excellence. Our focus is on technique and efficiency throughout all strokes whilst acknowledging aquatic survival.


The program operates daily and offers all levels at various times from Monday to Sunday.


For more information please give the team a call on 95432190

We are committed to;

Saving lives today and inspiring the champions of tomorrow.

Class Levels:

This is our entry level with a 30 min lesson, purely focused around keeping the child safe and happy. For up to 4 students.

For students comfortable in the water. They must be able to demonstrate good body positioning so that the progression of propulsion skills can be developed. For up to 4 students.

The main focus at this level is the development of freestyle and backstroke over approximately 9 metres. For up to 5 students.

This course offers an understanding of freestyle and backstroke skills, which are challenged over greater distances. We also introduce the breaststroke kick within this 30 min class. For up to 5 students.

Jellyfish students aim to be competent swimmers in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke over a 25m distance, while also being introduced to butterfly kick and race techniques such as dives and turns. For up to 7 students.

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Menai Swim Academy offers a squad program that caters for swimmers of all abilities, be they competitive or just wanting to stay fit.

Our aim of our program is to group swimmers together that have very similar skills and speeds – it allows our coaches to work more closely with the group and develop these skills and speeds without the stretch of abilities. This is why we do testing at the beginning and end of term.

Our squad levels focus on speed-based sets – naturally skill refinement is continued, and this will be evident as times get faster. 

We encourage our squad swimmers to enter competitions so that they can start to feel the adrenalin and the typical nerves experienced in competitions and how to cope with being in this environment.

With many schools starting their squads around 7 years old, our squads are an essential complement to children wanting to swim competitively for their school team or looking to continue swimming competitively outside of school. 

We are committed to;

“Saving lives today and inspiring the champions of tomorrow”

Mini Squad is our transition level into squads where swimmers start to learn lane etiquette, sink set push starts, tumble turns, begin to perfect and iron out their Freestyle and Backstroke technique and gain speed.

They will be challenged to complete Breaststroke and Butterfly strokes over 25 meters.

At this level mini squad swimmers start to perform proper turns at the wall and learning to understand times and competition rules.

We encourage our mini squad swimmers to enter (friendly) competitions.

Development squad follows on from mini squad level to encourage swimmers to develop their speed and efficiency even more.

They will be able to complete a legal 200m swim in Freestyle & 100m Backstroke, Breaststroke and Individual Medley.

We continue to correct and build the swimmers Butterfly technique over 50m, as technique is top priority for us.

Advance squad swimmers are continuing to focus on new skills but at the same time preparing them with the challenges of competitive swimming such as stamina, speed, power and getting the swimmers to get used to well thought out swim sets.

The swimmers will be introduced into proper swimming sets to prepare them for the challenges ahead with competitive training.

These challenges include longer swim sets, more in-depth speed sets to encourage both endurance and speed.  But continuing the focus on perfecting technique. They also work on perfecting starts, turns and finishes.

Our Performance & Platinum Squad start preparing swimmers for short course and long course competitions depending on the season.

Sessions are 1.5 hours long with each day being a different coaching emphasis. Each session is well thought out to help develop the swimmers’ strengths and weaknesses. Each session finishes off with 15/20min of Dry-land training.

We continue to build the swimmers strength, speed, endurance in the water while working on technique and race work/time work (pacing) preparing them for all scenarios within the competitive league.

Menai Swim Academy now offers an Adult squad program, under the guidance of our Head Coach, that will cater for swimmers of all abilities – from those that can manage just a couple of laps, to those that can do a couple of kilometers.

The program will, primarily, be Freestyle based.  However, it will also cater for those adults that wish to practice, improve or learn, the three form strokes (backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly).

The program will involve all aspects of a general squad swimming program – kick, drill, pull, swim – and, over time, improve the general fitness, stamina and endurance of the swimmers, as well as enhancing the technique of the swimmers.

The Adult squad will, initially, run Monday to Thursday evenings, and will commence from 6:00pm and conclude at 7:30pm, with the starting time being flexible to cater for other commitments that you may have in regards to family, work and life in general.



We organise a number of aquatic sessions, from school swim programs to recovery sessions following a tough weekend of sport. Standard programs are available for schools, plus beach education and first aid. We’re also happy to deliver the sessions at your venue, so if you’re interested in our help with sport or training programs, just contact us via the form below.



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