External Meets

As swimmers improve and progress they may decide they would like to swim in outside carnivals.  The best way to start is with our club nights.

As the swimmers continue to improve and show an interest in competing they may then decide to attend other carnivals.  There are many carnivals held by the different clubs in our area.

To see what’s available you can keep an eye on the Carnival Calendar, these carnivals are usually just the local ones.  If you would like to see all the carnivals on offer you can go to the Swimming NSW website and look under calendar, Club/Area Events.  Here you will find a listing of all carnivals on a monthly calendar in date order.  If you find one that interests you simply click on the program button for further information.  Here you will find the cost of each event, the date entries have to be in by, location of the carnival, if qualifying or break times apply etc.  If you wish to enter go back to the main calendar and hit the register button.  Some clubs will have a set up similar to ours where you can enter the carnival direct from their own website.

If looking for Swimming NSW Meets and Championships, you again go to the Swimming NSW website, click on events calendar.  Here you will find all the State, Metropolitan, National, Disability, Sprint Series and Country Championships.  You can also find carnivals listed on Metsea website, carnivals listed on this site you enter via AnotherPB.

If your child competes regularly at carnivals and continues to improve and reaches levels to compete at Metro or State Levels, the entry fees for these carnivals, which can be up to $20.00 per event.

There are many carnivals out there to suit all swimmers abilities.  Some carnivals will have individual events for the younger swimmers whilst others will swim 5yrs to 7yrs together.

If you need any additional information on carnivals or what carnival may suit your child please come and speak to Head coach Brett Hallam.

We also encourage any swimmer who swims at an outside carnival to wear a Club Cap, Club Shirt or any of our Club attire.  Caps are always available at the front desk and Club attire can be ordered at the front desk.  Once we have minimum numbers an order will be placed with our supplier.

Good luck to all our swimmers who compete at any carnival.  We know you will do yourself and our Club proud.


Some general information on entering external meets:-

  • Enter as early as possible.  Although meets will have specified entry closing dates, entries often close much earlier than that date due to a large number of swimmers registering.  For area meets such as MetSEA championships, entries will often close within a few days.
  • How are entries accepted?  Most clubs entries are online via Swim Central or AnotherPB.If a meet specifies that it is only accepting online entries, you cannot enter manually via your club.If a meet is accepting online entries and you do not know your user name and password, please contact your club registrar.
  • Qualifying Times.  If a carnival shows qualifying times the swimmers time must be faster than the QT time to be eligible to enter the event.
  • Break Times.   If a carnival shows break times the swimmers time must be slower than the BT shown to be eligible to enter the event.
  • No Times.  If a carnival shows no QT or BT any swimmer can enter these events.

Entry times are times used to seed swimmers into heats for the event.

Where entries are being taken online, the times used for qualifying times are those in the national results database.  Times are entered into this database from official meets including club championships, external meets and time trials.  Times achieved during weekly club racing do not appear in this database.  If entries are being accepted manually via card entry, you may be able to use times achieved at club depending on the meet.

Once all entries are received for a meet, the meet organiser will seed swimmers into heats for each event.  The times used for the seeding will be based on times in the national results database and from any card entries received (where these were being accepted).  The entry time used may not be the swimmer’s personal best time in that event and therefore they may be seeded in a slower heat at the meet than you would expect.

  • Long Course meets and entry times.  When entering long course meets, check the meet information to see how entry times are determined.  Usually the entry time for a race will be the swimmers best long course time even if that was set some months previously and regardless of whether the swimmer has a faster short course time.  If the swimmer does not have a long course time in that event, the meet may use short course times or they may set the entry time as the qualifying time.For example, Mary is entering a 50m Freestyle long course race with a qualifying time of 45 secs.  Her personal best time is 36.56 seconds set in a short course race a month before.  Mary’s best long course time is 40.82 secs set 6 months ago.  Most long course meets will use 40.82 secs as Mary’s entry time.  If Mary didn’t have a long course time, the meet will normally use the qualifying time (45 secs) to seed Mary in that event.


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